Rent Payment Assistance - Foreclosure Prevention - Affordable Housing

(NHSLA) - Mortgage Relief Program

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has allocated $5.5 million to expand foreclosure prevention counseling services in the County and to establish a mortgage relief fund. The Department of Consumer and Business Affairs has partnered with Neighborhood Housing Services of Los Angeles County (NHSLA) and its network of counselors to provide foreclosure prevention counseling services to property owners of Los Angeles County. Eligible property owners may qualify for up to $30,000 to pay for missed mortgage payments. Services are provided in English and Spanish.

Populations Served: LA County (Except LA City)

The application period is limited until the end of the year.

Program Eligibility Includes:
- Residents of LA County
- Residents of the City of Los Angeles are NOT eligible
- Property must be owner-occupied
- Up to 80% Area Median Income for 1-unit property owners
- Up to 150% Area Median Income for 2-4 units property owners
- Foreclosure Prevention Workshop registration and attendance required.

Phone Number: (888) 295-2647

Neighborhood Housing Services (NHSLA) of Los Angeles County

NHS helps families become lifelong homeowners. Through its programs and services, they help to build stable neighborhoods and knowledgeable, empowered homeowners. Programs include Financial education, affordable lending, project management services, mission-driven real estate services, neighborhood revitalization, and advocacy. The LA County Mortgage Relief Program is designed to help homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgages. Services are provided in various languages as needed.

Phone Number: (888) 295-2647

LA County and LA Homeless Services Authority Project RoomKey

Los Angeles County has teamed up with the LA Homeless Services Authority to provide secure hotel and motel rooms for vulnerable people experiencing homelessness. Services are provided in English and other languages as needed. Project Roomkey rooms are for people who are experiencing homelessness and have shown no symptoms of illness but are deemed high-risk based on CDC guidelines.

Populations Served: LA County

Phone Number: (800) 548-6047 or 2-1-1.

LA County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs - Foreclosure Prevention Unit

The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA) provides free services to property owners and landlords, of 15 or fewer units, through their Foreclosure Prevention Program. DCBA’s counselors can help you facilitate communication with your lender and explore all foreclosure avoidance options. Counselors can assess your situation, review the California foreclosure process, and remind you to be vigilant of people promising to stop the foreclosure or modify their loan for a fee. The program includes one-on-one foreclosure counseling, loan reinstatement or modification assistance, financial coaching and budgeting, and a savings plan.

Population Served: LA County

Phone Number: (833) 238-4450

Email: [email protected]

LA City Housing Resource Center-Online Property Rental Search

The Los Angeles County Housing Resource Center was created in April 2007 to help people list and find affordable, special needs, accessible, and/or emergency housing within the County of Los Angeles. This web-based service is supported by a toll-free call center and helps provide information to the general public, as well as professionals seeking vital housing resources for clients.

Populations Served: LA County

Phone Number: (877) 428-8844

LA County Development Authority (LACDA)

LACDA offers housing assistance, affordable rental housing, home improvements, community development, construction management, and economic development.

Populations Served: LA County

Phone Number: (626) 262-4511

LA County Dept of Consumer and Business Affairs-Stay Housed LA

The LA County Board of Supervisors recently launched Stay Housed LA, a program offering free legal services to tenants facing eviction. The program helps people who are experiencing economic hardship due to the COVID-19 crisis with legal and other assistance that will help them stay in their homes. Programs include free legal representation to tenants facing eviction, mediation services, and financial rental assistance. Services are provided in language as needed.

Populations Served: LA County and City of LA

Phone Number: (833) 223-7368

City of Los Angeles Emergency Renters Assistance Program

Starting September 1, 2021, renters and landlords in the City of Los Angeles can apply for rental assistance.

To help keep Angelenos housed, the City of Los Angeles and State of California announced a new partnership to provide more rental assistance to ensure that every renter and landlord eligible for relief will receive it.

Renters who have already submitted an application to the City’s Emergency Renters Assistance program will receive detailed instructions on next steps from the Los Angeles Housing Department.