Is there someone you know who could benefit from the resources on the new Get Ahead LA website? Use the flyer or the social copy below with the attached graphics to spread the word on social media!

GET AHEAD LA FLYER — English & Spanish


Post #1:
At #GetAheadLA learn how to:
✅ Use federal and state tax credits to put more money into your pocket!
✅ Receive free credit counseling
✅ Find an affordable place to live

Visit or call 1-800-593-8222 to speak to one of our friendly representatives today!

Post #2:
2020 was a difficult year and set many of us back financially. #GetAheadLA has resources to get you back on track. Learn more at or call 1-800-593-8222.

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If you have been struggling to make ends meet, you’re not alone. Visit to find resources for food, employment and financial assistance. You can also call us today at 1-800-593-8222 to speak to someone who can help. #GetAheadLA

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At #GetAheadLA you can access free resources right at your fingertips! We can help you improve your financial situation and get ahead of your bills. Visit — it couldn't be any simpler.

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No matter what financial situation you’re in, there are FREE resources that can help you boost your income and reach your goals! For more information visit or call 1-800-593-8222. #GetAheadLA